This page has moved to a new address.

starting today: the ingredient list.

ketch´em bunnies.: starting today: the ingredient list.

This page has moved to a new address.

starting today: the ingredient list.

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starting today: the ingredient list.

i want to incorporate a new category in my blog: the mid-weekly ingredient list for a beautiful, happy, sparkling, fit, decorative, fashionable life. mainly it will consist of to-do-lists, wishlists, shopping lists, fitness lists, try-out lists or don´t-try-out lists! the things that i want to show you are/will be parts of my everyday life or things that i dream of! since there are so many things that are important to me and i write lists everyday in my personal and my business life (couldn´t survive even 5 minutes without writing a list), you will get to see what i eat, what i wear, what music i listen to, what i wish for or what is missing in my life/apartment/wardrobe.

with that being said, i want to start with something really important - this was something that many of my readers requested, a list of healthy food and what i eat on a regular basis (what i DON´T eat will get it´s own post sometime). many people ask me how it´s possible that i don´t weigh about 100 kilograms and how i stay skinny even though i eat honestly more crap food than most people do and was NEVER (and won´t ever be) on a diet in my whole life. a diet for me is a pass on something i love, it´s associated with negativity - not being allowed something, staying away, keeping control.
in my opinion, one should never ever associate food with bad feelings, it should make you happy and it´s the fundament of all of our lifes, our energy and health.

i am aware that i have very good genes and i want to be honest with you, i can really eat almost everything i want to and not gain any weight - BUT i also know how important it is to stay healthy and to fuel your body with the right food if you want to live a fit, sportive lifestyle.

so here is a list on what i try to integrate in my regular eating routine and what dishes you could incorporate these ingredients in:

i eat sushi on a regular basis, meaning AT LEAST! once a week. to me, this is a perfect way of getting saturated while eating something really delicious and healthy - no bad conscious here!

yoghurt is very important to keep your stomach healthy , so try to have it every second day at least - i eat bircher müsli every morning!

i love love love mango - it´s sooo versatile and healthy! try out a rocket salad with mango, avocado and prosciutto - delicious!

cereal delivers a lot of energy on tired mornings, try the birchermuesli with apples and other fruit. also, it is very very important to eat in the morning - otherwise your body will think he has to face a hunger phase  and will save every gram of fat that you eat later on twice as much!!!  (that´s really not a joke guys, it´s something i heard from a doctor)

no matter what you are cooking or planning to get while your next shopping trip, always keep up a good amount of fresh vegetables at home - and try to cook meals where vegetables are not only a side dish but the main point of the meal!

in general, i try to stay away from carbohydrates and white bread, but with whole wheat bread it´s different and i just love it!

eggs...i love them! some people say they are not really healthy but i don´t care - low on fat and superyummy. i love ham and eggs with avocado on the side...which leads us to the next ingredient:

the avocado. i think i could never have too much of it and try to work in avocado in every single meal i make. avocado is high on fat but it´s saturated, so no hard feelings towards avocado my dears.

as for chocolate, if you have read the entire story that i wrote above you will know what my opinion is when it comes to abstinance. chocolate is healthy when you don´t eat too much of it and i just need it to make me happy. 

my babe and i both love prawns and because i don´t eat a lot of other "fishy stuff", that´s a regular meal of ours: prawns with tomatoes and whole wheat noodles. YUM!

just a few last words concerning my overall opinion to food: eat what makes you happy, even if you are on a diet right now. craving noodles? then make some whole wheat pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil. want something sweet? get yourself some chocolate with a high part of cocoa. when it comes to drinks, i only drink still mineral water during the whole day - it´s just the healthiest way to hydrate your body. i used to drink lots of sparkling mineral water and didn´t really like the taste of water without gas, but once you get used to it it´s the best thing you can do for yourself. also i have to admit that i was one of those girls who were counting calories when i was in my teens to maintain a skinny body - but fortunately i stopped that a few years ago and really nothing has changed except that i live a happier life with less worries and a body that actually looks like one of a grown-up and not from a child.
also i want to stress that this post is NOT ABOUT being skinny, it´s just about eating the right food for a healthy lifestyle.



16 Kommentare:

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 10:44 , Blogger CAROLIN. meinte...

Supercoole Idee :)
Mag solche Rubriken, denn ich steh auch total auf Listen :)
Freu mich darauf und schonmal ein guter Anfangspost!

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 10:47 , Anonymous Anonym meinte...

toller post - vielen dank! :))

ps.: deine schriftgröße find ich etwas zu klein, es ist ein bisschen anstrengend zu lesen :( aber vielleicht geht's da nur mir so ..


Am/um 20. September 2012 um 11:07 , Blogger Katharina meinte...

danke für dein feedback - ich hab das jetzt zum ersten mal gehört, muss ich mich gleich mal erkundigen wie das die anderen finden! gerne immer wieder anmerkungen zur verbesserung anbringen :)

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 11:36 , Blogger Sassi meinte...

yummie! klingt sehr lecker!

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 11:44 , Blogger claude meinte...

I really like the honesty of this post!:)
And you are right, it's not about not eating, it's about what you eat.
I wish I liked sushi as I love the places where you can eat it (with the little trains etc) but unfortunately up until now I'm not a big fan

xx Claude

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 11:52 , Blogger Katharina meinte...

claude, i wasn´t a big fan either BUT i started with avocado/salmon sushi where you have sesam and rice on the outside - ever since then, i got used to the taste of sushi and now i´m completely hooked. just took a little while! so if you want to try it, i´d really say start with avocado and salmon sushi!

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 13:02 , Anonymous Marianne meinte...

i LOVE the idea of an igredients list, awesome posting!
i also love all your health choices and i love all the food you posted except for prawns. i just cant eat them.

i think its important to be aware that you´re ALLOWED to eat what you want - just in moderation. why feel unhappy when you force yourself not to eat chocolate, thats just silly. i definitely agree with you ;)

cant wait for your next list! :) have a good day xoxo

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 14:47 , Blogger KPapillon meinte...

I love lists as well, great post! You have a new follower :)

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 14:49 , Blogger claude meinte...

aw thanks a lot for that tip! I think I'm gonna do that as I found this really cool sushi place here in Brussels! thanks:)

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 15:37 , Blogger Amy Shaughnessy meinte...

Great post! I never really thought about sushi being okay to eat. I love it so maybe I will have it more often. My husband hates it so I will have to get it to go. I stopped eating bread completely because I was over-indulging but maybe I should try whole wheat and have some every now and then.


Fashion and Beauty Finds

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 17:35 , Anonymous Anonym meinte...

sehr schön und sehr inspirierend! Ich zähle leider jeden tag kalorien und bin oft frustriert deswegen. würde auch so gerne davon wegkommen

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 18:01 , Blogger Katharina meinte...

ich würde dir empfehlen, mal aufzuhören mit den kalorien und einfach mehr auf die inhalte und mengen zu achten!
mal freude zu haben am essen, was leckeres kochen und einfach von allem bisschen weniger? bzw. nicht mal weniger, einfach weniger vom schlechten! top regel ist immer - kohlenhydrate weglassen! man muss sich nur umstellen können - es gibt sehr wohl gerichte, die ohne kartoffeln, nudeln und brot auskommen. iss doch einfach mehr gemüse, fleisch, salat, früchte - kannst ruhig kreativ sein, solang es schmeckt! und hunger haben ist sowieso nicht lustig!

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 21:30 , Anonymous Anonym meinte...

isst du deine hauptmahlzeit abends? wenn ja, was isst du mittags um über den tag zu kommen?

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 23:09 , Blogger Katharina meinte...

wie gesagt habe ich keine hauptmahlzeiten - ich frühstücke und trinke einen kaffee, dann esse ich eine warme (große) mahlzeit mittags weil ich ca. um halb 12 ziemlich hungrig werde, meistens einfach das, was es bei mir in der arbeit gibt (dabei achte ich darauf, wenn es z.b. nudeln gibt eher mehr salat zu essen) und am abend nochmal das was mir schmeckt - oder eine gesunde version davon. es kommt echt nicht darauf an, großartige abstriche bei den mahlzeiten zu machen, eher darauf, WAS in den gerichten enthalten ist.

Am/um 20. September 2012 um 23:12 , Blogger Katharina meinte...

UND was ich hier noch gar nicht angesprochen habe, weil ein eigener post drüber kommt, aber weil es jetzt so viele fragen gibt: natürlich mache ich auch sport und zwar regelmässig! das gehört einfach dazu und von nix kommt nix :)

Am/um 21. September 2012 um 11:33 , Blogger Dea meinte...

I like the idea of lists like that! And I have to say that we have a very similar taste concerning food! :-)


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