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Sneak Peek

ketch´em bunnies.: Sneak Peek

This page has moved to a new address.

Sneak Peek

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Sneak Peek

This is a post that was highly requested and can be seen on almost every other blog as well - the content of my purse. What you see below is the minimum (!) of what I carry with me every day. Of course it doesn´t look as organised when it´s in my bag, most of the times I´m not even able to find what I´m looking for because it´s such a mess in there. But for you guys I pulled it all out and here you see what´s normally hidden in the dark shallows of my bag.  

1. Keychain from Anne-Marie Herckes:
this was a birthdaypresent from my babe last year and I love it sooo much - very classy indeed!

2. Car keys:
I have a little, round, fast, red, cute, bowl-looking Gokart named Fiat 500 with the Italian flag on it (for the swag factor) and I´m in love.

3. Wallet from Louis Vuitton:
This is the old wallet from my boyfriend, he gave it to me because he thought my other wallets were ugly. Well, thank you babe :)

4. iPhone:
No need to explain this one. I´m amazed that there is no synonym such as "life" or "irreplaceable" coming up when you look it up in Google.

5. Driving License:
Yes, I still have the old one; never lost it and proud of the grubby piece of paper I´m carrying around.

6. "Firn" candy:
There.Is.No.Better.Candy.Out.There.      Period. (icy mint and chocolate - this is perfection)

7. Tee:
A leftover from summer. I started playing Golf 2 years ago together with my babe and we both love it, even though he was playing like Tiger Woods within 2 weeks and I´m still on the "sorry that my ball hit you but I´m a beginner" level. Life sucks.

8. GPS:
I´d be totally lost in this jungle of one-way streets that calls itself Vienna. I tried to find my way in the first district only once without my navigation system, but got so lost that I thought I´d never find my way out.

9. Bobby pins and hair ties:
My hair is pretty long and when I leave it loose and untied, I get really nervous after, let´s say 20 minutes and I have to tie it together even though I spent 1 hour blow-drying and straightening them. So it´s better for me and my environment if I always carry some hair ties.

10. Pen:
Can´t think of anything creative to say about this pen. I use it for writing.

11. Ear plugs:
Live savers! I´ve gotten so used to sleeping with ear plugs and hearing my heart beat while falling asleep that there is no way I could live without them anymore.

12. and 13. Make-up:
Always have a spare foundation and concealer in my bag for refreshing my make-up when I´m planning on going for drinks right after work. This is very necessary because I really do look like a zombie after 8 hours spent in front of a computer.

14. Perfume:
There´s no harm in smelling good - oh what I´d give for if all the smelly people in the underground thought the same way.

15. Lips:
Always have at least 4 or 5 options of lipstick, lipbalm, lipgloss with me. I´m changing it during the day depending on my mood. You know those rings that change color depending on how you feel - just have a look at my lips, that´s almost the same thing.

16. Sunglasses:
Love, love, love my Ray Ban Aviators. No better sunglasses out there - I´m really not that cool kind of chic, but when I wear them paired with my leather jacket, I feel like the most hardcore person out there. No joke:

What I only realised after this post is that the interior of my bag also tells a whole lot about my life.
So tell me - what is it that you can´t live without and carry around?


11 Kommentare:

Am/um 29. November 2012 um 09:27 , Anonymous Anonym meinte...

ganz ehrlich, ich liebe deinen schreibstil! sooo sympathisch & richtig unterhaltsam.

btw schöne dinge trägst du mit dir rum :)


Am/um 29. November 2012 um 09:41 , Anonymous Anonym meinte...

Du hast einen Fiat 500? Wie toll, den find ich suuuper. :)))
Haha ich musste so lachen über den Punkt mit dem Tee.

Am/um 29. November 2012 um 10:13 , Blogger SIENA.STYLE meinte...

i also love my ray bans!!:))
i love your wallet:)

Am/um 29. November 2012 um 10:15 , Blogger CAROLIN. meinte...

Normalerweise interessieren mich diese Posts nicht mehr, weil jeder ein Foto zeigt und alle Artikel auflistet. Aber deinen mochte ich richtig gerne, weil man dich so wirklich besser kennengelernt hat :)

Am/um 29. November 2012 um 12:54 , Anonymous Marianne meinte...

ich liebe den inhalt ;) der schlüsselanhänger is so süss, eignet sich auch perfekt als geschenk!
punkt 14 - LOL. so wahr.

Am/um 29. November 2012 um 14:52 , Blogger Katharina meinte...

Vielen, vielen Dank - das freut mich wirklich sehr!

Am/um 29. November 2012 um 14:53 , Blogger Katharina meinte...

Danke, mir gehts nämlich genaus ;) umso besser, wenn es dir gefallen hat:)

Am/um 29. November 2012 um 16:37 , Blogger Glühwürmchen meinte...

Dein Führerschein ist ja super :D Hahaha, richtig schön vintage ;)
Liebste Grüße, Vic

Am/um 29. November 2012 um 19:59 , Anonymous Anonym meinte...

hihi, ich musst grad so lachen beim Lesen :D
bowl-looking car :D ich fahr auch ab und zu damit (is bei uns qausi das 'Firmenauto' :D )

finds echt supi dass du Golf spielst; hab immer geglaubt dass is so ein langweiliger Opa-Sport aber dann hab ichs selber mal probiert und es war nicht ohne!!! ;) ich bin irgendwie viel zu "bodschat" dafür (Als Salzburgerin müsstest du das wort ja kennen :D )

Ich wollt dich noch fragen, ob du gar keine iPhone-Hülle hast? ich trau mich meins gar nimmer einfach so in die Tasche zu gebn, weils schon seeehr viele Kratzer hat (von Schlüssel & co).

Liebe Grüße - auch an deinen Freund (sehr fescher Schlüsselanhänger und Geldtascherl!!! <3))
Raphaela :)

Am/um 30. November 2012 um 04:30 , Blogger s meinte...

love the peek into your bag! i love el's double wear!!!

Am/um 2. Dezember 2012 um 09:55 , Blogger Primashelllina meinte...

In meiner Tasche ist der Lip Balm von Dior ein muss :)

&& ich find deinen Führerschein absolut toll :) so schön rosa :D


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