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Top 10 posts of 2012

ketch´em bunnies.: Top 10 posts of 2012

This page has moved to a new address.

Top 10 posts of 2012

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Top 10 posts of 2012

The year is almost over (those who believe in the world´s end on Friday have only a few days left) and so is my year of blogging. I started this blog in February and can´t believe how important blogging became over the past few months. If I could, I would write a new blogpost every day, but with my move from Salzburg to Vienna and working full time in a management position for two hotels in Vienna, sometimes there is no energy and time left to be creative on the blog.

But what I can say for sure is that 152 published posts later and a few hundred readers everyday, I wouldn´t want to miss blogging and my readers in my life. The thing that I appreciate most about writing a blog is that I got to know all those lovely people that I never would´ve met otherwise - those of you who read my blog for a while now know that my closest friendships in Vienna grew from blogging.

So when IFB started a project to share your top posts of 2012, I couldn´t resist but to find out my favorite posts for myself!

1. Mediterranean

I loved this outfit so much and scored the blazer at the final Zara summer sale! It was the evening when Vicky and I celebrated my birthday and we took some outfit pictures before we went to Neni am Naschmarkt. The lighting was just perfect and it was one of those last, warm summer evenings.

This post was special for me because it was the first real thing that I shared about my apartment.
This spot still almost looks the same and overall, I am pretty happy with how the decoration of my place turned out. 

The content of my bag - it seemed like you guys loved this post, because it gave away some secrets of my life. When I realized how much my readers liked it, this post became one of my favorites as well!

I think this post and outfit sums up my whole summer: warm weather and lots of girls nights out!
I love the video that Sonja took of that evening, when she first put it online, I watched it over and over again!

This is one of my favorite posts because I´m very proud of how the pictures turned out, like the one above - shiny and beautiful.

Since I was living alone this summer, I had to be creative when it comes to meals for a single person household. The feta with figs was one of my favorite healthy dinners!

I think there is no blog out there without collages, and out of all the ones that I made, this one was my favorite.

8. The plaid

The last outfit post on the blog - love the pictures and the outfit, Vicky took some great pictures.
I have to admit that without her, I wouldn´t have any outfit posts at all because she became my main blog photographer :)

9. Barcelona posts: 1, 2, 3

Barcelona was a great trip this fall and it was the first real opportunity for me to try out my new camera.
Check out the photos yourself!

I think my readers loved getting to know more about healthy eating and not starving yourself just to stay skinny. I certainly don´t!



7 Kommentare:

Am/um 17. Dezember 2012 um 15:30 , Anonymous FashionEdible meinte...

I love that first blazer! Amazing!

Am/um 17. Dezember 2012 um 16:10 , Anonymous Anonym meinte...

Ich mag alle deine Posts, ich finde du hast einfach eine witzige und sehr sympathische Art zu schreiben. :) Freu mich schon auf viele weitere Post.

Am/um 17. Dezember 2012 um 16:37 , Blogger s meinte...

i remember all of these posts and i loved ur home decor and that chanel esque blazer!!!! love your site.


Am/um 17. Dezember 2012 um 19:04 , Blogger GlamFabChameleon meinte...

Very pretty posts, very versatile just like your really lovely blog!:)

Am/um 17. Dezember 2012 um 19:32 , Blogger Andrea meinte...

Ich mag ja alle deine Posts und freu mich immer wenn neben deinem Blognamen auf Bloglovin ein 1er steht. :) Du kommst durch deine Bilder und Geschichten einfach total sympathisch rüber. Mein Favorit ist allerdings The Plaid! Die Fotos sind einfach Hammer geworden!
Liebe Grüße

Am/um 18. Dezember 2012 um 09:48 , Anonymous Marianne meinte...

ich find deinen blog wahnsinnig toll und liebe deinen stil. durch den mediterranean blog eintrag hab ich die tolle jacke beim zara sale gefunden ;) nochmals danke dafür!!

ich kann mich an all die oben genannten einträge erinnern und mir haben sie alle super gefallen.

mach weiter so und ich freu mich auf viele neue schöne sachen in 2013 ;)
ganz liebe grüße!!

Am/um 18. Dezember 2012 um 15:59 , Blogger who the fuck is N.? meinte...

interessanter post, hab wieder einmal ein wenig herumgestöbert - ich liebe deinen blog :) ♥
Liebe Grüße, x N. von CG’s Diary of Love ♥


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