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ketch´em bunnies.: Dezember 2012

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ketch´em bunnies.

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No better gift...

...than my friends that came over to a little christmas-get-together I hosted at my place two weeks ago.
We drank hot wine, had baked apple (recipe coming up soon) and I got the beeeest presents ever!
Guys, thank you so much for a wonderful beginning of christmas ceremonies!

Just a little getting-back-post after the holidays, I´m sooo looking forward to showing you what I was wearing for Christmas and lots of other fun stuff!

But now, I´m wishing you all a great New Year´s Eve and all the best for 2013 - I kind of feel like this will be a lucky year!

(P.S. the giveaway is now closed, the winner was notified by email - check your inboxes!)

Vicky, Benni, Judith



Holiday Fun

pics via

It´s here. Finally. My favorite week of the year. Can´t even breath because I´m so excited. 
Mariah Carey has become my steady companion lately and in my head a group of elves is dancing around a christmas tree. Crazy maybe?

BUT I was waiting so long for christmas to come (365 days, that is!) and now it´s finally here. Not only do I love being around my family and getting lots of presents (hrhrhr, sooo curious about my babe´s gift!) but also giving presents to others and seeing the joy on their faces. I have to admit that I overshoot the mark with my presents sometimes (sometimes meaning always), especially when it comes to my boyfriend - but I just want him to get the best gift on earth (although it gets harder and harder to find the best gift on earth 2 times a year with every birthday and christmas that comes around). 

The holidays are a celebration itself in my family and we have various dinners and parties from 24th til 30th of December, and on the 31st of December a New Year´s Eve party of course! 

I´m going home to Salzburg today and here is a glimpse of what I have planned for the next two weeks:

pics via

Lots, and lots, and lots of food, cookies, desserts, wine, hot wine, champagne, more wine. 
We are a huge family and have a dinner on 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th of December and a really big family event on the 30th and inbetween some casual lunches to catch up with friends or other family members. 

Well, hello there gym, my friend - see you in January!
(Vicky told me yesterday that one glass of Punsch or hot wine is the same as eating a roast pork calory wise - just saying.)

pics via

An amaaaazing NYE party, at a special location with very special people. I don´t want to give away too much yet, but we will update you about that very soon! Some of you may have a guess who I´m celebrating with, but let´s just say, I want to start the new year with the people that became most important to me in my new life in Vienna.

pics via

And the rest of the time? Not much leisure time left, but my whole family and my babe are passionate about all winter sports activities (imagine: lots of Lindsay Vonn´s and Marcel Hirscher´s gliding down the piste, that´s what we look like. No joke.), so we want to go skiing (me, snowboarding) a LOT, maybe go for some winter walks with our baby doggy and I really want to see the new movie "Life of Pi" that starts on 26th of December and looks amazing from what the trailer looks like! Can´t wait! 

Tell me, what are your plans for the holidays?



Christmas Giveaway: Buffalo Clutch

I already told you that I´m the biggest Christmas fan ever! To share a littlebit of my excitement with you, I decided to give one of my readers something for Christmas as well. The lovely people of Stylefruits were so kind to team up with me and let me choose on what I wanted to give you from their huge platform of amazing clothes and accessories. I instantly fell in love with this bag, it´s so chic and the color and texture is just gorgeous - also love the glam factor of the studs! 
Chriiiiisstmaaaaaas time, lovelies!!!


Now, all you have to do to win this bag is to follow Ketch´em Bunnies on:




Giveaway is open until 31st of December, winner will be selected randomly and notified by email.

Wishing you all a merry, merry Christmas and good luck!



Wishes made under the tree

It wouldn´t be Christmas without a wishlist. Normally, this wishlist should be addressed to the Christ Child, but maybe exactly that is under one of my lovely readers - or at least I hope so :)
I admit that I have pretty expensive wishes, but there is a reason for the existance of the word WISH, right?

1. Headphones by Wearefrends: that´s pure tech-perfection! Never seen any headphones that beautiful!

2. Studded Rucksack by MCM: a classic beauty in a new design - perfect for travelling or shopping!

3. Rain drop mirror by Neiman Marcus: I soooooo want one for my entrance or above my dresser!

4. Dishwasher by Elektra Bregenz: *Cough*, no I didn´t own a dishwasher until now - but my parents were kind enough to fulfill this wish already - no more dish washing by hand, YEAH!

5. Insolite Wallet in pink by Louis Vuitton: this one has been sold out for over a year and now it´s no longer being produced - dear Santa, dear Christkind, dear Boyfriend, dear whoever nice person out there, PLEASE get me this wallet somehow - you know Ebay, right?

6. Wine Country candle by Woodwick via Westwing: it is actually on sale on Westwing right now, only for the next three days, but I couldn´t bring myself to order a candle for 40 Euros right before Christmas (even if it smells like Merlot).
Mom, Dad, Girlfriends, BF, if you are reading this and don´t have anything for me yet - how about this one? And babe, anniversary is coming up soon anyways :)

7. White and Pink Taxidermy via Etsy: also a nice decoration element for the entryway, only saw it right before creating this collage and instantly fell in love!

8. Toggle Heart Necklace by Tiffany: this has been on my wishlist for sooooo long, if I don´t get it this year, I´ll go get it myself! Hmpf!

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Top 10 posts of 2012

The year is almost over (those who believe in the world´s end on Friday have only a few days left) and so is my year of blogging. I started this blog in February and can´t believe how important blogging became over the past few months. If I could, I would write a new blogpost every day, but with my move from Salzburg to Vienna and working full time in a management position for two hotels in Vienna, sometimes there is no energy and time left to be creative on the blog.

But what I can say for sure is that 152 published posts later and a few hundred readers everyday, I wouldn´t want to miss blogging and my readers in my life. The thing that I appreciate most about writing a blog is that I got to know all those lovely people that I never would´ve met otherwise - those of you who read my blog for a while now know that my closest friendships in Vienna grew from blogging.

So when IFB started a project to share your top posts of 2012, I couldn´t resist but to find out my favorite posts for myself!

1. Mediterranean

I loved this outfit so much and scored the blazer at the final Zara summer sale! It was the evening when Vicky and I celebrated my birthday and we took some outfit pictures before we went to Neni am Naschmarkt. The lighting was just perfect and it was one of those last, warm summer evenings.

This post was special for me because it was the first real thing that I shared about my apartment.
This spot still almost looks the same and overall, I am pretty happy with how the decoration of my place turned out. 

The content of my bag - it seemed like you guys loved this post, because it gave away some secrets of my life. When I realized how much my readers liked it, this post became one of my favorites as well!

I think this post and outfit sums up my whole summer: warm weather and lots of girls nights out!
I love the video that Sonja took of that evening, when she first put it online, I watched it over and over again!

This is one of my favorite posts because I´m very proud of how the pictures turned out, like the one above - shiny and beautiful.

Since I was living alone this summer, I had to be creative when it comes to meals for a single person household. The feta with figs was one of my favorite healthy dinners!

I think there is no blog out there without collages, and out of all the ones that I made, this one was my favorite.

8. The plaid

The last outfit post on the blog - love the pictures and the outfit, Vicky took some great pictures.
I have to admit that without her, I wouldn´t have any outfit posts at all because she became my main blog photographer :)

9. Barcelona posts: 1, 2, 3

Barcelona was a great trip this fall and it was the first real opportunity for me to try out my new camera.
Check out the photos yourself!

I think my readers loved getting to know more about healthy eating and not starving yourself just to stay skinny. I certainly don´t!




Whoever said...

I really don´t know how many times more I´m going to apologize to you guys for not having blogged for over a week, but it´s REALLY busy at work right now and I´m sick and I left my camera at home and I was busy preparing for christmas...already enough excuses? :) 
But for the end of this week I wanted to update you with something so cute you will forgive me instantly for my lack of posts this past week. 

all pics via

My parents decided to get a dog for our family again and one month ago we went and picked one out.
Two weeks ago, our little "Mina" has made its way into her new home. We couldn´t be happier with our choice, she really is the most loveable, cute dog on this earth, I swear to god!
Naturally, I couldn´t be more excited to go home again after this crazy week in Vienna and just spend the weekend at home, relaxing and cuddling up with my puppy (OK, maybe a little with the bf as well :) ) <3

Happy weekend to all of you guys!



The Plaid

This week I met up with Vicky and Judith to bake some cookies (see the results here and here). It was a first one for us but we did a pretty good job, at least in my opinion. Vicky was kind enough to take some pictures of me before we started - isn´t she the most talented photographer ever? I was wearing my beloved Audrey necklace by Ell and Emm (I have a good feeling that you´ll get to see a lot of that one), my new plaid shirt and my faux fur vest from Barcelona. I think this is a perfect combination for winter (of course with a down jacket or parka on top) and I looove my booties to keep my feet warm. What are your favorites this winter?

Faux Fur Vest: Pull & Bear (similar here)
Plaid Shirt, Bag, Pants: Zara
Leo Belt: Warehouse via Asos (get here)
Necklace: Ell and Emm (get here)
Boots: Buffalo



Everyday Joy

One of my newest addictions is definitely Etsy. I browse through those cute little shops almost everyday, always on the hunt for new gems, be it for the apartment or jewellery or anything else one can think of. 
On the pics below you see my latest findings of my favorite Etsy stores. The chain necklace with the rhinestones I´m most proud of because I literally sat in front of my computer for an hour, waiting for Jenn (the store owner) to update her shop with new necklaces and then finally bought my "Audrey" the minute it got online - and 5 minutes later, the shop was completely sold out again. I follow Jenn and her "Ell and Emm" shop on instagram (Jenn5716), therefore I knew I had to be fast if I wanted to catch one of her beauuuuutiful necklaces - girls all over the world commented on her pics and set their alarm clock in the middle of the night just to wake up and finally get their own Audrey when Jenn put them online. Lucky me, I guess :)
Then there are my precious matchboxes from the Etsy store "Annechovie". They also sell amazing prints and pillows, have a look! Finally, my latest addition to my Etsy collection is the acrylic tray with a pink and gold glitter chevron pattern. It was a limited edition by the shop "Tilly Maison" and it´s perfect for displaying jewellery or other fine objects such as candles or nailpolish.

Here is the complete list of my favorite stores on Etsy:

1. For prints, pillows and matchboxes: Annechovie
2. For amazing jewellery: Ell and Emm
3. For acrylic trays: Tilly Maison
4. For bracelets: Oia Jules
5. For blog designs: Studio 650
6. For delicate wishbone necklaces: Bluegrassloft
7. For the cutest bow rings: Apple Latte
8. For amazing bracelets and trays: The Way We Are

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What I did this weekend.

We  Mondays - NOT. 

Even though I had the best weekend ever, it was super super stressfull and filled with activities, so this Monday should be my Sunday really and that is exactly how I feel right now.
We had a friend from Salzburg over for a visit and naturally, we planned this weekend through to make the most of our time. On friday we went for dinner at Freiraum in the Mariahilferstrasse, afterwards we went to a student party and after that we went for some late late night drinks at a bar next to our house. 

On saturday I hosted a brunch at our place and we went for a shopping spree to the first district of Vienna that got out of hand and took us 5 hours! Then we had some friends over for drinks and went dancing to Volksgarten club, which was a premiere for me - I didn´t make it out to the clubs once since I live here.
Best thing about this whole weekend (attention, insert sarcasm here) - I don´t have a dishwasher, so all the times that we could have used for relaxing were filled with washing dishes and cleaning the apartment for the next people to come over.

Here are a few impressions of my weekend:

What I was wearing for dinner at Freiraum: Zara Shoes, Pants and Blouse, Hallhuber Blazer, Ell and Emm Necklace

My loveliest friends!

What I was wearing for clubbing at Volksgarten: Zara silky baggypants, American Apparel Shirt
And Judith next to me :)

What I was wearing on Sunday: Zara Plaid, Forever 21 Necklace, Pull and Bear Vest, Zara Jeans

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