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ketch´em bunnies.

ketch´em bunnies.: Januar 2013

This page has moved to a new address.

ketch´em bunnies.

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Olivia Palermo: Style Formula

I admire Oliva Palermo´s Style and already mentioned in this post, that if there is any role model that REALLY inspires me and resembles my personal style the most, it has to be Olivia.
I created a board on Pinterest where I pin all of my favorite looks by her (sounds kind of stalker, I know).
I´m not saying I want to copy her style, but she always looks so effortlessly flawless and it seems she has created a simple formula for herself to make all her looks work (at least that´s what I figured out):



Millennium Water Project

On one of my hunts for interior design inspiration I came across the most beautifully decorated apartment I have ever seen. To me, this is perfection. Lots of white, pink, blue and neutral hues and a touch of glamour by some silver accents like the pouf (definitely on my shopping list)!



Studded Coat

Finally I can show you guys a real outfitpost with my new coat that I love sooo much!
To me, it´s a very elegant and classy coat but the studs add a modern twist to it.
I´ve been on the lookout for a classic coat forever, and scored this beauty finally at Zara Sale - good thing, because now it´s already sold out.



Etsy Love: Parrot Design Studio

Those who have been reading my blog for a while now know that I have a thing for finding the cutest Etsy shops on the block.



Leaving for...


Since I was working in London four years ago, I´m always sooo happy when I get to go back - even if it´s just for work, like this time. I won´t be able to post anything while I´m there, so I just wanted to say a quick goodbye. Until then, here are my top 5 things to do while you´re in London:

- get a sandwich, throw on a bikini (given it´s summer) and chill out at Green Park.

- get some chinese noodles at Camden Market, sit down at the bridge of one of the Themse´s river channels and watch all the craziness that´s happening there.

- go to the business district in London and drink a beer in the middle of all of the businesspeople that get crazy drunk after work. Like every day.

- take some time for Topshop Oxfordstreet. By time, I mean 5 hours.

- Visit Portobello road market in Notting Hill. Loveliest market in town.

I´m coming back on Tuesday, see you then lovelies!



Reversed blogging - readers question!

I already mentioned before that I am not the best cook out there. Before I moved to Vienna, I always had my boyfriend, our flat mate (boys really are great cooks sometimes!) or of course my Mom or Dad cook for me (even my little brother was cooking for me - fried eggs on the weekends, btw he is 11 years younger than me). I know the basics of cooking but I feel that I always make the same meals and have no idea of what I could make for myself. The first few months of living alone, I tried to come up with the most creative dishes and recipes, but my ideas slowly decreased and now I´m at a point where I only cook and buy groceries from day to day again, without any planning and most of the times my dishes are instant meals (in form of asian noodles) or sushi to take away, to be honest.

Now, I think that a lot of you out there are more creative and talented when it comes to cooking and I want to know: what are your favorite, everyday recipes for more or less healthy dishes? Links to recipes would also help because I don´t even know what I have to google for...
(For one person or at most two persons, I never cook for anyone else than myself or Mr. Boyfriend)

Thanks for the input!



Reading Tip: Lonny Magazine

Attention, all of you interior lovers (Interiornistas?) out there!

While enjoying my evening after work at home and reading my favorite blogs (no, I don´t consider blogs as actual literature), I came across an online magazine I didn´t know yet - and while scrolling through the pages, I knew I had to share this amazingness (is that even a word?!) with you! 
Lonny Mag is an online paper you can read for free and has amazing features of interior decoration, party planning and architecture - seriously, it´s deco heaven made accessible from home!
You can even click on the featured items to directly buy them or to see info on prices and designers.

For now, I´m wishing you all an amazing evening (hint: too tired to write anymore) - suggestion on how to spend it: pour yourself a glass of wine, cut some cheese and browse through Lonny. At least, that´s what I plan to do. Imagine that phone conversation with my boyfriend: 
"Hey babe, what are you doing?" - "Sorry darling, busy with Lonny right now."

All of those pics are from the January issue - but see for yourself!
(Especially love Jessica Goranson´s New York apartment - just wow!)



What I noticed lately...

pic via

...on many blogs or even in my reader´s comments is that a new wave of shop-stop is coming around. 
Madeleine was the first one to write about it, and many of my readers and my friends have told me that one of their main goals was to shop more considerate or even stop shopping at all for a certain period of time in 2013. I think that people just have had enough of this shopping craziness of 2012.

I think it is very interesting to watch how this movement is shifting around the blogosphere right now and I also set it as a goal for 2013 to sell some of my old stuff and buy less clothes.

When I started blogging at the beginning of last year, I suddenly felt the need to keep up with other bloggers, wanted to update my wardrobe constantly, presented my latest findings to the world and never felt relieved when I bought something new - because 5 minutes later I saw something even better, cooler or newer on another blog. 

I have already mentioned in the post about my plans for this year that this need of consumption has gotten to a point where my family and boyfriend are worried that I may be a compulsive shopper. Most of the times it annoys me so much that they always have that look on their face when I tell them that I bought something new and sometimes I don´t even tell them anymore to avoid it.
But I´m not able to save some money because almost everything that I earn goes straight into Zara, Westwing or Amazon again, so deep down I know that they are right and I have to stop.

Also, I have a job where I have to dress very elegant and "grown-up", so whenever I have time to wear all the things that I bought, I don´t even like them anymore because another trend took over already and I feel like living behind the moon for not wearing camouflage or neon.

Another thing that really upsets me is that I´ve lost my very personal style a little because I suddenly had access to all these übercool bloggers that I didn´t even know existed before, and I really liked how they looked and what they were wearing - but the problem was, I forgot that it was them and not me.
I was always that kind of girl that liked a very clean, elegant style with blazers, blouses, shirts and jeans - and it fit me so well! Now, I´m trying to layer up a million of plaid shirts and sparkling necklaces but I never feel truely comfortable because that´s not how I´d dress if I hadn´t seen it on Chiara Ferragni or Pink Peonies.

Now, for 2013, I have decided on a new shopping concept to avoid compulsive purchases that are not really "me". If there is any real role model out there, it has to be Olivia Palermo - she has the most timeless, effortless, cool and chic look out there - and look at her, does she ever layer up? Mix prints and bejewel herself like a christmas tree? Does she wear armparties like a gypsy and shoes like a hooker? NO. So why do we do it sometimes? I don´t know a single woman in Austria that dresses like most of the bloggers want us to believe they do - high heels and skirts all the time? Don´t think so.

Now, whenever I wanna buy something new, I ask myself this question, and trust me, it really works:
Would Olivia wear this? If the answer to the question is no, I´ll have to think twice about getting the desired piece. And it has started showing results already, this little voice inside me saying "get that get that get that" keeps getting quieter every day and it feels sooo good not having to buy everything I see and like for a second. Another role model when it comes to shopping is Vicky: she is super successful with her blog and inspiring to a lot of people, but knowing her, I never feel like she has this urge to go and buy something new - she´s just mixing up what she has and buys some fancy, more expensive pieces once in a while that she is suuuuper super happy about for a long time.

On another note: I´m also blaming Instagram for wanting all this stuff because I follow a lot of cool shop owners and bloggers that present their latest stuff on Instagram and it has made it sooo easy for me to find out where all the goodies are coming from.

I´m telling you all of this because I think it is important that this pressure coming from blogs or blogging stops and I feel like a lot of you have the same problem. I don´t want to be the person who puts even more pressure on my readers, so trust me, I´m struggling too.

Also, I asked myself why readers would want to come back to my blog if all they saw there is just another girl who´s trying to look like everybody else out there. I´ll promise you that all you will see of me in the future is the true me and nothing else.

In the end, only authentic people are able to inspire others and to express themselves.
Everything else just limits who you truely are.

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The Ingredient List for a fabulous 2013

pic via

What I´m wishing for:

I hope that my friendships in Salzburg and Vienna will remain and I´d love to see my friends at home more often.

Very shallow, I know, but I´m wishing for a new designer bag - and I´d like it to have the first name of Marc, Stella, Louis or Celine.

Lots of parties, girls nights, date nights, sparkle and champagne.

What I´m planning:

Mr. and Mrs. are planning several trips next year. 
We want to go to Greece, have another summer vacation in Austria and do some short city trips.

I want to get to know more of the hotspots in Vienna, clubs or restaurants or parks or whatever Vienna has to offer.

Other than that, I´m planning on NOT planning. I had a crazy 2012 with lots of changes and it was exhausting in the end. So all I wish for in 2013 is a steady, boring year without any changes at all.

What I want to change:

 My shopping behaviour. I want to get rid of some of my clothes and other stuff because I feel like my need of consumption has gotten to a point where it is unhealthy for both me and my bank account. Also, more and more I get the feeling that the mass of my possession is burdening me - so the main goal is to shop more considerate and buy timeless clothes of higher quality instead of lots of cheap things that I will wear only once.

What I want to achieve:

♥ Doing sports on a regular basis. I started running last year but I want to do more in 2013 and go for a run at least 2 times a week. 

Blogging more often.

Eating healthier. 

Being more relaxed.

Letting loose and being myself at all times.

What are your goals and wishes in 2013?

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New Year´s Eve 2012

Finally I can show you something of our New Year´s Eve party!
Vicky and Mike decided to throw a party at their apartment (with rooftop terrace - hello there, amazing fireworks) and obviously it was incredible - spending New Year´s Eve with my best friends and boyfriend, dancing our butts off and having the time of our lifes - couldn´t imagine a better way to say goodbye to the old year and to herald the new one at the same time. Vicky did an amazing job with decorating her place, and everything had this glamorous touch to it, like the silver helium balloons Vicky got for the party.
Thanks again everybody for this great evening!

Blouse: Zara
Skirt/Shoes: Topshop (gift from Dani, old)

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Insta Love #10


Guys, haven´t postet any Instagram roundups since the beginning of November!
Now here are my favorite pics on Instagram of the last two months.

Got this coat from Zara this week, totally in love:

Seems I loved black:

Updated my apartment:

Celebrated New Year´s Eve:

Got some amazing presents for Christmas:

Got myself some goodies:

Random outfits:

Planning for New Year´s and Details of my favorite armcandy:

My parents bought a dog:

We´ve been pretty active:



Christmas Outfit #2

Aaaaand this is the second post of today and second outfit that I wore for Christmas on the 25th, since I still have so much other stuff from New Year´s Eve e.g. to show you! 25th of December was just as sunny as the day before, so I went for a black blazer, casual jeans and my favorite plaid shirt of the moment!

Lace Blazer: Zara (old)
Plaid Shirt: Zara (on sale right now)



The perfect baked apple

After a long time, here comes another recipe - and it´super easy and super yummy!
I already tried this baked apple recipe before on my boyfriend and we both loved it, so I decided that it would make for a perfect dish on our pre-x-mas celebration with my friends.

Here is what you'll need:

- 75 g sugar
- 50 g powdered nuts
- 75 g butter
- big apples
- cinnamon, powdered and sticks

Melt the butter in a pan.

Peel the apples.

Mix sugar, nuts and cinnamon.

Cover the apples with butter.

Twist in the spicery until apples are covered all over with the mixture.

Bake apples in the oven at 180 - 200 °C for about 45-55 minutes.
Serve with vanilla or caramel icecream.